If there is water, then there is life

If there is Water, then there is life

Human hand cupped to catch fresh water outdoor in nature.


                         Water id a valuable resource for all living being of the earth. Life cannot be imagined without it . most of he total water present on the earth is present in the sea and oceans in  saline form , only a few percent is available in the form  of fresh and fresh water. Water conservation is water conservation through various means to maintain a supply of fresh and clean water. This campaings is important so that fresh and clean water can be made is available to the people all over the world as well as future generations, because ” Water is life or water is

. Need for conservation of water – Clean water is very valuable for evert living being and its conservation is very important, because (1) About 3.4 million people die evert year in the world due to water-related diseases. (2) People in many rural areas of India, Asia and Africa have to travel long distances to get drinking water.(3) Globally, the water business is expected to reach $ 216 billion by 2025. (4) Not only this, people in India are suffering greatly from various water borne diseases which affect the economy to a great extend. (5) Due to the lack of water, the balance of the environment will also deteriorate and there may be a crisis on forests, groves, wildlife etc. Hence water conservation is very important for future life.


Plastic Water Tap with human palms printed with World Map Concept

Water Conservation Measures – Understanding the importance of water, people will have to be aware of water conservation. We should keep the water tap closed while doing our daily activities like washings hands, shaving, brushing. plants should be watered in the morning instead of in the afternoon and along with this, by planting trees in the rainy season, we reduce the water spent while planting plants to a great extent. Dams or anicuts should be built drains, the ponds, puddles and wells should be deepened and widened and efforts should be made to connect the big rivers.

Side effects of water crisis Nowadays due to excessive exploitation of ground water, water crisis increasing progressively. As a results, neither water is available for irrigation of agriculture, nor is there proper supply of drinking water. ponds and wells are drying up due to water crisis. The water level inside the earth is also decreasing. In this way many ill effects of water crisis are being seen.

Conservation of water is such a work by which we protect our future along with nature can do. In view of the current water situation, we need to save every drop of water.


Pervasiveness of fashion and its ill-effects

                                       Pervasiveness of fashion and its ill-effects




.In the dictionary fashion means manner or style ,but in  folk practice, the style of dress, that is, the art of wearing clothes, is called fashion. man uses fashion to make himself look beautiful. Whether a person is fair or black, fat or thin , young or adult, everyone has their own way of dressing. Fashion should be in moderation, if it does not create unnecessary excitement, then it is commendable, then it is an effective part of the beauty of the artists, poets and painters and the beauty of the society. But if fashion become only a display and is not in keeping with the times of the country, then it also becomes inauspicious.

. Prevalence if fashion As soon as the western civilization had an effect in the 20th century, so did our food habits and living habits. But the main change came in our dress, education and speech. Our actors who wear expensive pants, shirts, coats, ties and shoes are being followed by the education men of today . On the other hand, the way actresses wear clothes in the film world, girls are imitating them. In this way our society is constantly being affected by the effect of increasing fashion.


. Types and changing forms of Modem Fashion in modem times, different forms of fashion are visible. The fashion and film industry’s actors and actresses advertise the kind of fancy clothes the younger generation is wearing. Display of fashion and use of cosmetics has become common practice today. The daily activities of life such as conversation, dancing and drinking and living have also become according to fashion, mother in this fashion . The relationship between father, bother-sister, teacher-disciple and society is also changing. The older generation opposes this fashion, yet the younger generation is adopting it as a necessity.

.The fashion industry is the second polluter the  world just after the oil industry. And the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows. However, there are solution and alternatives to mitigate these problems . The first step lies in building awareness and willingness to change .

. Effect of fashion on society

                                                                      As the attitude of people and culture is changing, so is fashion changing its form. Everyone is adopting a fashion tread according to their society and social environment. The fashion trend of Indian culture is quite rich, each state has its own distinctive costume and traditional dress. People in India wear such clothes which are especially appropriate for the occasion. To some extend, the influence of western culture can also be seen. In  fact, it would not be wrong to say that fashion has given a special identity to the society .

   .  Fashion plays an important role in person’s life. whatever a person wears reflects has society, culture, religion and style of work. thus, fashion has now become an integral part of human life.

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Utilizing Time

                               Utilizing Time



1. Introduction –

                                             Time plays an important role in our life or rather time in priceless. Life becomes meaningful only by marking good use of time . Each job has its own time . Franklin’s statement is so true-” if you love your life, don’t waste your time, because that’s what life is made of ”.In general, doing work on time is called efficient use of time.

2. The need for good use of time –

                                                                                        Since time is invaluable, there is a great need to use it properly. Once the time is gone, it does not come back again. The whole life of a human being ends at the sight of it, even the pet does not move. In the end, he regrets that he didn’t do anything . Only a person who makes good use of time gets success. Your use of time reflects your priorities. It shows what is important to you . For example, if you are always late for meeting or appointments, then people may assume that you do not value them or their time .  However, if you are usually well prepared and arrive early for meetings, then your colleagues will know that they can rely on you to get thing done in a timely manner. Time is very much crucial to every person in the world. You have wasted time in the past, so do not get frustrated if you are not able to manage your time perfectly .

3. Time is valuable

                                                       Time management can be defined as ” the process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time allocated to the various activities in one’s life .” It is a skill that can be acquired through training and practice . In order to manage your time effectively ,you must know how you spend your time now. Record how much time you spend on each activity during a week, then review what you have recorded. Identify the important tasks and the ones that do not serve any real purpose. useless activities can be eliminated, and important tasks can be rearranged in a more efficient schedule. The most effective time management techniques include: planning your day the night before, setting  priorities, delegating responsibilities, using a planner or calendar working on one task at a time utilizing time-saving tools and strategies, and taking short breaks.

4. Loss due to misuse of time –

                                                                                    Some people do not understand the importance of time. Such people do nit have ant work on time. They sleep at the time of waking and are awake at the time of sleep. Even if you wake up from sleep, you remain in bed for hours. A person who misuses time is lazy ,telltale, vain wander mindless and dutyless. Such a person fails in life. he is surrounded by despair, dissatisfraction, deprivation and suffering. Such a person has no value in the world .

5. Manage Time

                                                     Time management has become the most crucial task in today’s buys world. It is a art of arranging, organizing, scheduling and budgeting one time for they purpose of generating more effective work and productivity.

managing time is not necessarily about getting a lot of things done. Instead, it is about getting the right thing, the thing that truly need to be done sed and in control of time instead of rushing frantically from one activity to the next until you get exhausted.

Never postpone things for the next day. Today is important. To complete your task today rather than leaving it for tomorrow. Leisure is enjoyable but after fruitful hard work .


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Increaseing pollution every day in India


Increasing pollution every day in India




1. water pollution

                                                  water is the basis of life but greed of man to get more and more money pollutes it .The owners of industries dump waste materials in the rivers . City refuses are also dropped into the rivers . In this way they pollute surface-water . People use insecticides in the fields . ;They pollute the under-ground source of water . Thus, water is polluted . It is a great hazard for all living beings . There are three different things that acn help to tackle the problem-education, laws and economics.


2. Air pollution

                                             Air pollution is actually the addition ofv any harmful substances to the atmosphere. It causes the damaging of the environment and human health.

Air pollution is mostly caused by the poisonous smoke coming out of vehicles and the chimneys of the factories, mills or workshops  etc. When we breathe such polluted air, it causes many diseases, like asthama, eye-flu, headache etc . It is also harmful for plants. Some gases are causing holes in the ozon layer of the earth. It has upset the wholes atmosphere of the earth.



3. Noise pollution

                                                     the level of unwanted sound is increasing day-by day. It is a kind of noise pollution . Loud speakers, roar of vehicles, noise coming from the machines of factories, sound of domestic items cause noise pollution . The intensity of sound is measured in decibel. 20 decibel is whisper. 60 decibel is normal conversation. 80 is the level at which sound becomes physically painful. Sounds more than 80 decibel are called polluting sounds. They are categorized as noise pollution. they cause many diseases like deafness, high blood pressure, headache etc . Because the local civic noise environment can impact the perceived value of real estate, often the largest equilty held by a home owner, personal stakes in the noise environment and the civic politics surrounding the noise environment can run extremely high.


Gender inequality in India

Gender inequality in India 

Gender inequality 

The basis of gender in inequality is not the biological makeup of man and woman , but the prevailing stereotypes and fixed social roles about both of them . Gender inequality in india has been explained under the following points .

1. Gender division of labor=      In the course of raising boys and girls in india ,the belife is inculcated in their minds theat the main responsibility of women is to run the household and raise childer.The results of such division of labor was that women were confined to the four walls olf the house and the public  life outside came under the control of men . To remove this gender inequality, the demand for increasing education and emplpoyment opportunities for women and equality in personal and family life has also been raised . It is improving the gender divisin of labor .

2. Partiarchy society = a    Our society is still partriarchal. There  are still many types of discrimination against women, they are oppressed as.

1.Literacy rate of  women is still far behind that of man. one of tha main reasons for this is also that parents prefer to spend more on boys instead of spending  their resources equally on both boys and girls. due to this situation, tha number of high -paid and high-ranking women is still very small.

2. Women get less wages then men in every field of work .

3. The sex ratio of girls in our country is low which shows the attitude og gender inequality.

4. Harassment , exploitation and domastic violence of women also reflect gender inequality in india.

5. The very low representation of women in the legislature in india is also indicator of gender inequality.




Indian agriculture Efficient and Profitable to make done

To make indian agriculture efficient and profitable, attention should be paid to the following things

1. To make indian agriculture efficient and profitable, the condition of marginal and small farmers should be improved .

2. New hybrid varieties of seeds should be invented by ‘genetic engineering’

3. Organic framing should be promoted as it is done without chemicals manufactured in factories like fertilizers and pesticides.Therefore ,it does not have a negative effect on the environment .

4. Some economists belive that the future of indian farmers is bleak if food grains continue to be cultivated on the decriasing size of the land due to the increasing population .about 83.3 crore pepole in india are dependent on about 25 crore hectares of land  . Thus, on an average, less then hafl a hectare pf agricultural land is covered by a person’s share .

5. Indian farmers should do corp rotation and grow valuable crop in place of food grains .This will generate more income and with it will reduce environmental degradation .

6. Very littel irrigtion is requied in rice or sugarcan to grow fruits, medicinal plants, boi-diesel crops ( jatropha and jojoba ), flowers and vegetable .

7. climatic diversity in indian should be harnessed to grow a variety of valuable crops.


Suggestions to remove unemployment

Suggestion to remove unemployment.


The problem of unemployment in india is important and the following the suggestion can be given to overcome it.

1. New employment oppourtuties should be created in the primary sector so that underemployment can be removed.
2.Irragtion, facilities, storage, finance and marketing facilities should be expanded in the agricultural sector . This will create new employment opportunities.
3.Small and cottage industries should be encouraged in rural  areas.
4. Infrastructure like transport, communication, banking etc. should be developed in country so that agriculture can be integrated .
 5. The public sector should br expanded .especially in rural areas.
6.Employment -oriented programs should be expanded in the country and their implementation should be done properly should go .
7. Alternative enmployment opportunities should be developed rural areas .
8. People in rural areas should be encouraged for self-employment.

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